Everyone is doing it!

You, Only Younger!
Bellevue Botox®

Indeed, everyone is doing it.  And why not?  It is easy and safe.  The biggest downside is that it only lasts 3 or so months.

There are a number of areas of the face where Botox® is the treatment of choice, and where other treatments such as surgery or laser resurfacing are not as desirable.  These regions include the area of the frown lines (glabella) and crow’s feet.  The glabellar furrow, located just above the nose and between the eyes, can nicely be improved with Botox®. Sometimes adjuvant filler treatment is needed to really get the deep glabellar furrows out.  Also, the lines of the crow’s feet region are nicely softened with Botox®.   Other areas that Botox® provides significant improvement includes the vertical lines of the forehead area and to lesser extend the horizontal wrinkles to the mouth and the platysmal bands of the neck.
Botox® injections are the most common cosmetic treatment in the United States for temporary resolution of wrinkles.  There are upwards of 12 million people in The United States have been treated over the last 10 to 15 years.

Botulinum toxin specifically provides neuromodulation of the nerve muscle synapse.  Essentially, there is a blockage of the nerve electrical stimulation of the muscle thereby preventing the muscle to contract and essentially resolving the skin crease (glabellar furrow, and crow’s feet) that are formed from muscle contraction.  The normal facial expressions of smiling and squinting, etc., are not treated or affected, but the facial expressions that are undesirable are treated.  The concerned, angry, and worried look of the glabellar furrow can be resolved with Botox injection.  Crow’s feet tend to accentuate our age and reducing this wrinkling provide significant improvement in overall youthful appearance.  Botox is temporary, but has been highly successful and highly sought after by millions of people.

A Few Reasons to Choose Facial Beauty

Low Risk Procedures

Every procedure requires some for of anesthesia and traditionally this is a General Anesthesia, meaning you are completely knocked out.  At Facial Beauty, we utilize cutting-edge local anesthesia procedures where you are not fully knocked out but completely comfortable. The advantage of Local Anesthesia that there are less complications & faster recovery time. Our procedures generally take from an hour and thirty minutes to no more than three hours, allowing us to dramatically reduce any risk involved in the procedure.

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Limited Downtime

The biggest drawback to major facial surgery is the downtime.  While recovery time can vary case by case, generally patients can return to work between seven to ten days after the procedure.  We do everything we can for our patients to get you back to your family and back to your daily life of activity & exercise as soon as possible.

Simple & Affordable Financing

At Facial Beauty, we offer low monthly payment plans and pre-qualifications for any additional treatments, affordability has never been easier. If you’ve ever let financing stand in your way of a new you, come talk to us about options you may not know you had. We can even do pre-approvals over the phone so please feel free to call us anytime.

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David Santos MD, FACS

Dr David Santos was the Medical Director for Lifestyle Lift, responsible for hundreds of facelift surgeons and thousands of procedures.  Having performed over 4,000 facelift procedures himself, Dr. Santos is committed to finding cutting edge techniques to reduce the risk and minimize the downtime of facelift procedures.

  • Member American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Member American Board of Otolarnyngology – Head and Neck Surgery
  • Member American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery